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How do we know how to teach effectively?

Well, we have prepared our program in accordance with the proprietary SDA in IT methodology. See what it is based on:

  1. Theory equals practice

    Our trainers are people who work in the IT industry every day and know it inside out. We cooperate with over 1200 experts!

  2. Teamwork

    To work effectively you need to be able to find solutions in a team. That is why we work in groups of about 20 people.

  3. Support in individual work

    You will receive original materials from us. They are created by a team of nearly 100 IT specialists in programming, testing, design and data analysis.

  4. Monitoring your learning progress

    We conduct tests which allow the trainer to assess the level of your knowledge. If there is a problem at any stage, we react immediately and implement solutions, e.g.  repeat specific classes.

What should you know?

Why enter the IT industry?

According to reports examining employee satisfaction, the primary reason for job dissatisfaction is low salaries. Since you’re thinking of changing your job, you’re probably familiar with this problem. Small salaries take away motivation and, combined with rising inflation, can make life very miserable. Fortunately, this issue does not apply to the IT industry. Why? The answer is simple. When you work in IT, you have the competencies of the future, the demand for which is growing at a tremendous speed. These are your personal super powers, allowing you to live the life you want, without compromise. 

What’s more, the IT industry offers high salaries not only for long-time employees, but also for people with no prior experience. Therefore, if you’re afraid that you won’t find a well-paying job after the course, breathe a sigh of relief.

Why is it not too late to change the industry?

Age is just a number – sounds cliché? Well, in our experience, it’s never too late to change industries. Moreover, our oldest graduate is 63 years old. So if you feel that the place you are in is holding you back, or you simply don’t like your job, act! Despite what you may think, changing industries is not as difficult as it seems. All you need is support and the right tools – and we have a full package of them for you. Assisting you at every stage of the change, we will make it the best adventure of your life.

What can you expect from the course?

You do not need to have any knowledge or previous experience in IT. We start with the basics and teach you everything. 

You probably have your own daily duties, work, family or school, that is why we run our courses in the most convenient and comfortable way, according to the evening mode.

Join thousands of satisfied graduates of our school

We are Software Development Academy and for years we have been successfully helping thousands of people to find a job of their dream in IT industry. Do you think it’s time to make some changes in your life? SDA is a place perfectly suited to your needs.

Our school was created out of passion for teaching and the IT industry. We believe that anyone can work in the technology industry. To do that, you don’t even need a degree in computer science. Our graduates are the best proof that you can be whoever you want at any time of your life. Today they fulfill themselves as Programmers, UX/UI Designers or Software Testers. Join them and start working in a stable and well-paid industry of the future!


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Success stories

SDA trainers are very well trained and will be there to help you throughout the course but this job involves a constant learning process, and you need to learn how to learn.

Adina Dumitrescu Software Developer at Kalypso

The biggest advantage I have gotten from the class is that I have a much better understanding of software development and its related details in most of the larger parts.

Gabor Gyarmati Technical Support Engineer at Breakwater Technology

I saw the SDA informative meeting pop-up and it was earlier than the planned one so I decided to go. I loved the meeting, it was really fun and convincing and I signed the contract right away. Best decision ever!

Sindija Roga Junior Software Developer at Arvato

If I were to choose what is the highest value I have acquired due to the academy, I would not be able to choose between human value and technical value, because in the IT world these two go hand in hand, and in both, SDA has managed to outdo himself.

Levente Szilveszter Software Developer at Uniqa Raiffeisen Software Service