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SDA trainers are very well trained and will be there to help you throughout the course but this job involves a constant learning process, and you need to learn how to learn.

Adina Dumitrescu Software Developer at Kalypso

The biggest advantage I have gotten from the class is that I have a much better understanding of software development and its related details in most of the larger parts.

Gabor Gyarmati Technical Support Engineer at Breakwater Technology

I saw the SDA informative meeting pop-up and it was earlier than the planned one so I decided to go. I loved the meeting, it was really fun and convincing and I signed the contract right away. Best decision ever!

Sindija Roga Junior Software Developer at Arvato

If I were to choose what is the highest value I have acquired due to the academy, I would not be able to choose between human value and technical value, because in the IT world these two go hand in hand, and in both, SDA has managed to outdo himself.

Levente Szilveszter Software Developer at Uniqa Raiffeisen Software Service

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Why SDA?

We believe that anyone can become part of the tech industry, as long as this is something they’re curious about.
To realize our mission, we created a solid setup where our instructors share knowledge and experience gained through years of working in IT and our HR advisors provide you with guidance in finding a job after the course.

We helped thousands of people get tech skills and prepared them for stepping into the IT industry with a bang.

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Our experts

Product Owner

Juela Zeneli

JueIa has 5+ years of experience in the IT industry, out of which 3+ cover testing. She’s a certified software tester with a passion for teaching the art of testing to others. She is currently a Product Owner in a Germany-based company Communardo that specializes in communication and enterprise collaboration.

Senior Software Developer

Sokol Likaj

Sokol is a Senior Software Developer with vast experience in PHP, Python, Flask, FastAPI, and Ruby. His rich career spans many companies like Ritech Solutions, Abramo, Teachaway, Wearefiber, and Tucows Ince. He counts the development of a treasury info aggregator and ACD orchestration with microservices as his top achievements so far. When not writing code, Sokol plays chess and hikes in the mountains.

Software Engineer

Denalda Bishani

An experienced Software Engineer, Denalda knows technologies such as Java 8, Spring boot, or Hibernate like the back of her hand. She’s also skilled in RESTful web services, Angular, and hybrid mobile application development. She has worked as a Java developer for well-known companies as Lufthansa Industry Solutions and IkubINFO. When not busy coding, Denalda enjoys traveling and discovering hidden gems around the world.

Developer and Mentor

Nick Balani

An ambitious and highly motivated Developer and Mentor. He holds a Master’s degree in Computer Science and has 10+ years of experience as a full-stack developer on his back. Nick knows his way around technologies like C#, Java, JavaScript, Python, .NET Core, Spring Boot, Node JS, Blockchain, WebRTC, and several frontend technologies. He’s also a certified solutions cloud architect in AWS.

What you get?

Plenty of opportunities

According to the World Economic Forum, the IT sector will create 133 million new jobs by 2022. With the right mix of skills, you’ll never be out of a job.

Flexible schedule

Twitter and Slack told employees they can work from home forever. Remote work and distributed teams are the new normal in tech. Working from the beach is now an option!

High salary

Data from Eurostat shows that IT is the highest paying sector in almost half of 27 member states. Launch a career in tech to never feel strapped for cash.

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