Final projects - Java course

Webapp for Atec by Adina Dumitrescu

A webapp for a service company. It maintains an updated client database, along with their equipment list and maintenance logs.

The New You by Lauri Suurväli, Stanislav Ratšinski and Õnne Õuemaa

The aim of the project was to develop an online fitness application engaging coaches and motivated people around leading a healthy lifestyle: everything from nutrition plans, workout tips, a video library of tutorials and a cozy chat to keep in touch.

Weather Monitoring Portal by Valdemaras Tauras and Violeta Baneliene

Weather monitoring portal covers Lithuania including small cities and regions.
It provides current weather information and forecast in detailed view.
Portal has private content section with ability to monitor favorite regions/cities etc.

Final projects - Python course

DailyJobs by Bogdan Raicu and Mircea Andrei Muntean

DailyJobs is a one-day-job platform where you can post job offers as a company and apply for jobs as a potential employee. The jobs destined for this platform range from one day to around a week and require minimum work experience.

ZenProjects by Mihkel Siim

Project management tool for agile methods.
User can:
– Create an account.
– Create projects.
– Invite or be invited to projects.
– Create sprints.
– Create tasks.
– In sprint board move tasks between progress states (columns).
– Remove partcipants form project’s user created.
– Delete projects
– Delete his / her account

Payment App by Chihaia Sorin Florentin

The main functionality is that the user can creates an account with e-mail address, the sign-up process is through e-mail token confirmation, also the reset password process. The authenticated user can view the history of payments for last months in the app but also if his now willing to create an account can simply pay the invoice directly. Also, the authenticated user has the possibility to change personal information about his account if the phone number is changing, name or address.