Python from Scratch

Remote - 04.07.2020


Join the IT industry! Start your adventure by learning one of the fastest growing programming languages. Thanks to the practical course and our help with employment, you can change your life in just a few months!

Why is it worth to choose Python course?

Python is known as the best choice for learning programming. It is simple, clear and gives you the opportunity to choose your specialization in future. The knowledge of Python gives you the versatility of choice.

Easy to learn

The way you write in Python is very similar to using English language. Thanks to this, even if we do not know certain mechanisms, we can still understand the way they work.

It is transparent and compact

The lack of complicated mechanisms helps with effective and fast learning.


Python is one of the fastest growing languages.

What does remote learning look like?

Introducing our proprietary SDA inIT® method We realize that the support of an experienced programmer is most crucial component of the learning process. This is why sessions with a trainer constitute as much as 73% of our remote learning course.

Live workshop - remote sessions with a trainer

These hands-on lessons are taught live in a virtual classroom in which you have the opportunity to contact both the trainer and the entire group. During the session, the trainer discusses new topics in a step-by-step manner and answers your questions.

Wrap-up workshop with a trainer

Do you have additional questions? Do you want to learn more? The course timetable contains trainer-supervised wrap-up workshops during which you can revise material from past lessons or learn something extra.

Training session

Lessons which take place after live workshop or live coding, during which you work on tasks assigned by us. The trainer is available to assist you throughout the session.

Individual session

Time allocated for individual work on the material assigned in live workshop. To make learning easy for you, we provide an open room to communicate with the rest of your group.

Live coding - writing code together

Learn to program during live remote sessions with the trainer. The trainer verifies your code as you go along and offers guidance.

SDA packages

A book written by Merithoric Team of SDA. You’ll find there exercises to sum up your knowledge and extra information which allows you to understand the IT world

These are practical workshops taught to a group by remote learning. During the course, the trainer walks the participants through subjects contained in the course curriculum.

Classes are taught in groups of up to 20 people.

Course participants program in real time, supervised by the trainer. This provides ongoing verification of work and the opportunity to learn how to write clean code.

In a training session with the Trainer, the Participant starts learning the material plus homework while having the possibility of live consultation with the Trainer.

Single session is a time in which the Participant, individually (without Trainer) continues his or her work on assigned tasks in the space provided by SDA, i.e. in the so-called Open Room.

A wrap-up workshop is a session in which the Trainer revises the material from key units covered in the course. This enables participants to continue training after consolidating knowledge necessary for mastering further topics.

In addition, you will receive access to online material, which will enable you to acquire theoretical knowledge about programming in selected additional subjects.

Tests will make you aware of what is worth revising before starting on a new area of knowledge. They will help you monitor your own progress.

On completing the course, you will receive a Certificate, the purpose of which is to confirm your participation in the course [minimum 60% classes attended]. It also contains information about our Academy as the course organizer.

The SDA Certificate is a proof that you have participated in the course and acquired competences to work as a programmer. Our certificate is widely recognized by IT companies in Poland and in Europe.

The Career in IT package contains all components of the Knowledge package.

In this course, you will learn when the “green padlock” symbol gives only an illusion of security, why it is important to be careful when connecting to your bank from a cafe, and what blending different paint colors has to do with it all.

You will learn about the principle behind various attacks on Internet applications, the fundamentals of cryptography and the blockchain, which is the technology behind the Bitcoin, and see what will happen to the world with the dawn of quantum computers.

Thanks to this knowledge, in your professional work you will be more aware of IT-related threats and avoid most common errors when creating and testing applications.

You will regularly receive a collection of hints prepared by us. They concern the job market and steps worth taking to succeed in finding a job in IT.

Our Career Advisor will work with you individually, accompany you during review of job postings, and provide support throughout the recruitment process.

This course gives you the opportunity to participate in 3.5-hour webinars/workshops delivered by Career Advisor. The Advisor will walk you through a complete recruitment process, from creating your CV to discussing the significance of your LinkedIn profile.

You will take part in a one-to-one meeting with a trainer to prepare for technical recruitment. You will see what the recruitment process in IT looks like and learn to overcome initial stress.

You will receive an additional project that will further enhance your portfolio.

The Job Guaranteed package contains all components of Knowledge and Career in IT packages.

We guarantee that within 3 months you will either get a job in IT or a refund.


Before you choose a suitable package, please review its contents!

  • i Workbook - Introduction to IT
  • i Live workshop with a Trainer
  • i Live coding with a Trainer
  • i Training sessions with a Trainer
  • i Single sessions
  • i Wrap-up workshop with a Trainer
  • i Supplementary video course
  • i Revision tests
  • i Course certificate
  • i SDA Certificate
  • i Cyber Security - security in IT
  • i IT Path package
  • i One-to-one sessions with career advisor
  • i HR Class – Hands-On Workshop
  • i IT Interview – job interview simulations
  • i Project +
  • i Job Guaranteed
  • Installment
  • Course price
  • Workbook - Introduction to IT i

  • Live workshop with a Trainer i

  • Live coding with a Trainer i

  • Training sessions with a Trainer i

  • Single sessions i

  • Wrap-up workshop with a Trainer i

  • Supplementary video course i

  • Revision tests i

  • Course certificate i

  • SDA Certificate i

  • Cyber Security - security in IT i

  • IT Path package i

  • One-to-one sessions with career advisor i

  • HR Class – Hands-On Workshop i

  • IT Interview – job interview simulations i

  • Project + i

  • Job Guaranteed i

  • Rata: 315 EUR
  • Cena za kurs: 2199 EUR
Job Guarantee
  • Workbook - Introduction to IT i

  • Live workshop with a Trainer i

  • Live coding with a Trainer i

  • Training sessions with a Trainer i

  • Single sessions i

  • Wrap-up workshop with a Trainer i

  • Supplementary video course i

  • Revision tests i

  • Course certificate i

  • SDA Certificate i

  • Cyber Security - security in IT i

  • IT Path package i

  • One-to-one sessions with career advisor i

  • HR Class – Hands-On Workshop i

  • IT Interview – job interview simulations i

  • Project + i

  • Job Guaranteed i

  • Rata: 515 EUR
  • Cena za kurs: 3599 EUR

Did you know?

The name of this programming language was inspired by the Monty Python's Flying Circus series.

The Course Schedule


You will learn the idea behind the creation of the Python, the so-called Zen of Python. You will learn how to use basic data structures and language elements, such as object-oriented programming, text formatting and file handling.

A very important block dedicated to configuration, virtual environments, dependency management, project development and Python IDE (code editor).

Continuation of the Python-basics block. Here you’ll learn regular expressions and their possibilities. We will also show you how to use lambda expressions, use exceptions and handle files.

An algorithm is a strictly defined way to solve a certain group of problems.
For example: we can sort the card deck – but could we describe step by step how do we do it? In this block, we focus on the precision in presenting thoughts through the code.
Another thing that we practice in the classroom is to understand the basic data structures that surround us in the programming world. For example – we all know how the queue works in the store – during classes we will describe such a queue in the programming world.


Imagine a scenario where you are developing a project with your team. It may happen that several people would like to edit the same file at the same time. A difficulty would arise, and your team would have to decide who will edit first, who will be next one, etc.
Such difficulties are solved with GIT, i.e. the tool that enables a teamwork on a project. In fact, GIT is something more—for instance, it allows you to view the history of file and branch changes in your project.

A large part of developing software consists in its testing. This is how you make sure that the code you have written works properly. TDD is the method of code creation where you begin with writing a test, and then you write a code so that the tests can verify the correct operation of the code.

Choose package

When programming, you often encounter a problem that someone else has already struggled with. Reusable solutions for problems that are associated with engineering a fragment of an application are called design patterns. You will get to know the most commonly used design patterns and learn when and how to apply them.

When working on a project with a team, it is good to adopt some methodology. For software development projects, the so-called agile methods are often used. Their principles are the evolution of requirements and the work based on small steps.


Applications very often use data.
Such data can be stored using files, but usually it is better to apply databases. This will allow you to work with mechanisms designed for entering, modifying and searching for data. SQL databases store data in the form of tables.

Another type of databases are NoSQL databases—they differ in the way the data are stored. Such databases store a separate document that represents a separate slice of reality.

Since you already know the databases, now it’s time to use them for Python. To do this you will use ORM (ie how to reconcile the object and relational world) based on Django. Your programs will store and process information in databases.


This is an introduction to the HTTP protocol. You will understand how the communication on the Internet works. Commands, methods, headers, request status codes and the REST style of software architecture – all of this will no longer be a secret to you. So are the tools presented in this block.

Frontend technologies are used to create websites. Web browsers analyze the code created with these tools to showcase functional pages.
HTML is responsible for the content of the website, CSS for what it looks like, and JavaScript for how it works. You will also discover the Flask microframework and Jinja2 templates.

These are technologies used to create business logic, the heart of the application – code that will be installed on the server. Upon completion of this block you will know how to create an admin panel, form support, sessions and cookies. Also the Django framework, the authorization and authentication mechanisms are practiced here.

Once you have acquired the above-mentioned skills, you will be able to develop a project where you can make use of them. Together with your trainer and the class, you will discuss the project subject and assumptions and then implement it.
The project will be a great opportunity for you to master your skills, and what is more, you can include it in your first career portfolio!

If you consider programming learning and want to test your skills, you are in the right place!

Check your potential with the Predisposition Test!

What exactly will you learn during the course?

A graduate of Python course know the basics of both frontend and backend technology. He can successfully create a simple page layout in HTML using CSS and JavaScript and also program in Python and use the Django framework. That sounds tempting doesn't it? ;)

Programming in Python

You will write the code yourself and verify its correctness by testing it. Your applications will use databases and you will access them through websites. Your code will be clear and systematic thanks to good practices and design patterns.

Using programming tools

You will learn the development environment (IDE) necessary to implement development tasks and optimize productivity. The environment consists of tools for interface design, control version, building and testing applications.

Technologies necessary for programmer’s effective work

We strive to comprehensively prepare you for independent programming and equip you with tools that will help you build your first career portfolio during the course! You will be ready to use both frontend and backend technologies.

Project work—just like the one in your future company!

The most popular methodology in managing IT projects is the Agile Scrum Methodology. It will help you get acquainted with the so-called development framework that you will be able to use in your future work on implementation of projects and development of products.

Support in job-finding

Your goal is our goal, thus we pay special attention to ensure that you end the course with an IT employment.

Career Consultant support

You will be in good hands of our Career Consultant, who will take care of the HR organization for our students and graduates at individual stages of the course.

We have prepared for you a database of recruitment questions and guides with the latest IT job market trends. You are probably entering an unknown territory, so we want you to know the industry well and from various perspectives. You will also have access to our virtual library with an abundance of useful books.

HR Class—training with HR consultants

The HR Class is a specific and practical training that takes place during the course. It is led by experienced IT recruiters who will tell you what to pay attention to during the course to end it with an IT employment. That’s something substantial! :)

Absolvent Success Manager will help and advise you on the IT industry at every step of your entry to the IT market :) Your LinkedIn profile or CV needs tuning? Let us know. We will surprise you :)

Our graduates work at:


Yes, programming is for everyone!

The Python from Scratch course is also suitable for people without previous programming experience.


Our oldest student was 53 years old, and the youngest was 19


As many as 37% of our students are woman


24% of our students had been manual laborers before they joined our Academy


Over 80% of students can continue their work without any problems while particiating in the course

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Our Python course takes 285 training hours in a weekend mode





Price 2199 EUR

starts from 315 EUR / a month


Many forms of payment

Cash 5%, Loan, Installments 0% SDA

I want to start, what's next?

Fill in the application form on our website.  We will contact you within 48 hours with comprehensive information regarding the course, in order to complete the documents and reserve your place as soon as possible.

Before you start the course, we will send you some online materials to study before yor first class. It will help you to learn some very basics of coding necessary to start the course. Please mind this is obligatory.

The classes are 5-7 months long depending on the type and mode of the course (evening or weekend). It is run by experienced and professionally active programmers. During the class you’ll learn the secrets of coding and create your very first coding project. We will also run some tests so you can understand your level of knnowladge. It is not obligatory though and will not onfluence the certification process.

During and after the course our HR consultant from IT industry will help you find job. He will prepare you for your IT interview, help you adjust the resume, train in soft skills and equip you with a list of the most popular tasks you can expect on IT market.