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    Explore the world of Java!

    Java is one of the most popular programming languages. It is distinguished by the ability to operate on any platform and allows you to perform even the most complex projects. Java is everywhere, from android applications and web server tools to enterprise software. It is the backbone of the Internet revolution, and at the same time is one of the most profitable and most desirable languages on the labor market.

    The biggest programming academy in Europe –
    entering Hungary!

    your course will run in the local Hungarian language.
    You will be taught by the best local IT trainers who are currently working in Hungarian IT companies.
    [email protected] in IT with us!

    *Please pay attention that info-webinars are provided in English

    Join IT without leaving home!


    18:00 – 20:00




    online meeting

    Meeting agenda:

    1. Introduction to Java programming

      – What is programming?
      – What are the types of programming languages?
      – What is the use of Java?
      – What does the day-to-day work of a programmer look like?

    2. Market insigns

      – What the IT market looks like in your place of residence
      – What is the demand for IT workers
      – What salary you can count on
      – What you need to know to get the position of Junior Java Developer

    3. How you can join the IT market:

      – Is it the right career step for me?
      – What do I have to do in order to succeed?
      – Can I do that in parallel with my current job?
      – How long does it take?
      – What are the next steps?

    This meeting is for you if:

    You want to become a developer and wonder which path to choose

    But you don’t have time to start your five-year studies. However, you are interested in acquiring key skills and creating practical projects, without unnecessary theory.

    You want to know the advice that a novice programmer should get

    We will tell you about must have, which is what you need to learn to start. What are the necessary competences to become a Junior Java Developer and how to start in the IT industry when we do not have an extensive portfolio.

    What will Java’s future be?

    It is one of the most popular and best paying programming languages. Professionals who know this language have broad career perspectives. Find out what keeps Java from growing in popularity!

    We will dispel your doubts

    You will learn why it is worth joining the Software Development Academy. Additionally, during the meeting, we will answer all the questions that bother you. We are waiting for your questions!

    Webinar host:

    Experienced executive manager with a solid track record of collaborations with both large enterprises and small & mid-sized companies including the tech giant Oracle and Vodafone Romania. He is responsible for executing the business expansion strategy of the biggest software development training program in CEE.

    Costin Alexandru

    Upcoming webinars:


    Most desired by employers and most widespread among developers. Java is at the heart of the tech industry, from large enterprise solutions to cutting-edge Internet of Things applications. Register for a free webinar to see what our courses are like and how we teach.

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