WEBINAR: JAVA from Scratch

Europe - 30.09.2020

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Please mind that both Webinar and the Course is conducted in English.

Please mind that the hour of webinar will be different for different countries:

Norway, Sweden, Denmark – 16:30 local

Iceland – 14:30 local

Finland – 17:30 local

Why is learning Java worth it?

Java is one of the most popular and well-paid programming languages nowadays. It’s a powerful technology used in almost all kinds of software and apps. Knowledge of Java results in broad and exciting job possibilities.

Would you like to change your career path?

This meeting is just for you if:

You are not satisfied with your current job and it is time to change it

You want to make constant progress and earn more

You are interested in the IT industry, its ever faster development and greater opportunities

You love to travel and you dream about working remotely from any corner of the globe

Do you have any more questions or doubts?

We will dispel them at the info meeting where you will learn:


How to learn programming from scratch and how long it will take you


What the IT industry in Europe looks like today and why still so many programmers are needed


What is the programmer's job like?


What determines whether you will find your first IT job after the programming course and how the SDA can help you


You will get to know stories of people who dared to try something new and have already started their adventure in the programming world :)

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Do not put off your dreams and plans for later!

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What time?

16:30 - UTC+1





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