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What do brands such as NASA, Pixar, Facebook, Netflix and YouTube have in common?

All of them use the most popular programming language when designing technological solutions. Therefore, the basis of the products and services they create is written in Python.

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Python is one of the most universal programming languages. Moreover, according to TIOBE today this is the most popular choice on IT market. Its extensive range of libraries is great for creating advanced solutions just like machine learning tools, improving work with Excel to process the data but first of all this is the most flexible and easy to learn programming language. 

Python is pretty. Designed with readability and understandability in mind, it is very easy to get right to coding.

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Have you known that programming can be fun?

Python was not created as a commercial or a professional project. Python’s creator Guido van Rossum was looking for an exciting project to keep him occupied during Christmas in 1989. Such a beautiful gift under the tree!

Python creator Guido was a big fan of the BBC’s comedy TV show, “Monty Python’s Flying Circus” also, he needed a short, unique name, so he decided to call the language Python. How easy is that?

Tim Peters, a significant contributor to the Python community, wrote a poem to highlight the philosophies of Python. If you type in “import this” in your Python IDLE, you’ll find a poem called The Zen of Python. That is a real deal of poetry between code lines!

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