Discover Python – perfectly versatile programming language

Watch Jakub’s webinar & Live Coding session to discover Python.
Listen to the basics and see example of Python in ‘real life’ 🙂


Jakub, an experienced Python Developer, talks Python idea for newbies and those who already dived into the topic. Watch him answering popular misconceptions and doubts.


Python really is an essential language for web developers, analysts or game developers. And if after watching webinar you feel like you want to know more – sign up for our Free Info Meeting and get details first-hand.


Why is it worth to choose Python course?

Python is known as the best choice for learning programming. It is simple, clear and gives you the opportunity to choose your specialization in future. The knowledge of Python gives you the versatility of choice.

Easy to learn

The way you write in Python is very similar to using English language. Thanks to this, even if we do not know certain mechanisms, we can still understand the way they work.

It is transparent and compact

The lack of complicated mechanisms helps with effective and fast learning.


Python is one of the fastest growing languages.

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