Watch our Q&A with SDA Graduate



Wondering how the IT course with SDA looks like? Interested in what to expect during the classes

and the job interview? Watch a recording of an Q&A with Tomasz Gęsior, SDA graduate of 3 years. Discover his path from newbie to a Blockchain Developer. Dispel your doubts.


Watch the webinar and get answers to your questions

Curious about an inside view of the SDA courses? Watch Q&A session and listen to Tomasz experience.

Why should I join IT course with SDA?

Is it right for me? What is the outcome and how to get to the course in the first place.

What skills should I have to learn coding?

Do I have to be good at math? How fluent should be my English to work as programmer?

What obstacles did you have?

What was the most difficult part of the course? How much would I learn at home?

How the IT job interview looks like?

How shall I prepare for the interview? What questions should I expect?

Is it hard to become a programmer?

How the job itself looks like? Is it as profitable as they say?