15 best programming books every developer must read this summer [by SDA trainers]

best programming books

You will find a list of the best programming books we recommend you to read this summer below. No worries, we know it’s vacation time, so we created an “easy reading” summer edition.

In this article, you will find:

  • Books for every developer
  • The best books for Java developers
  • Helpful books for software testers
  • For everyone in Tech

Best books for everyone in Tech


The Pragmatic Programmer: Your Journey To Mastery, 20th Anniversary Edition (2nd Edition)

by Andrew Hunt & David Thomas

“It should be required reading for all programmers” – the most common opinion about this book on Amazon.
The Pragmatic Programmer teaches you how to become a better programmer and how to think better. For sure, an insightful book is an excellent choice for students and someone who is still learning.
If you are looking for answers for “why?” this book is a perfect fit.

the Pragmatic Programmer


The Phoenix Project: A Novel about IT, DevOps, and Helping Your Business Win 

by Gene Kim, Kevin Behr, George Spafford

Our trainers highly recommend this novel. Every IT professional must read it. The Phoenix Project provides examples of real-life challenges and problems we all face in the tech industry daily. In addition, it presents a new way of thinking about IT, software development, and organizations.



Code: The Hidden Language of Computer  Hardware and Software

by Petzold Charles

History of computer science! If you seek to understand where things came from and truly understand them, this book is a great choice. It’s a book that explains code and where it comes from, rather than “how to code.” If you are a “why” type of kid, you are going to enjoy reading.

coding books


JAVA – best programming books


Head First Design Patterns: Building Extensible and Maintainable Object-Oriented Software 2nd Edition 

by Eric Freeman & Elisabeth Robson

Suppose you want to read something with humorous and insightful writing; choose Design Patterns.
The authors explain essential patterns and principles of software design. You will find answers to when, why, and how to apply them to your daily tasks.
Written in a very beginner-friendly language, so you will not fall asleep while reading it.

JAVA programming books


BDD in Action

by John Ferguson Smart

Want to learn more about Behavior-Driven Development? Read this book. BDD in Action teaches you about this model and shows you how to integrate it into your existing development process.
This book speaks to product owners, analysts, developers, and testers. The conversations and scenarios are enough to get your team to revise and improve its approach to its work ultimately. Heavily and thoroughly recommended book by our trainers.



Clean Code: A Handbook of Agile Software Craftsmanship

by Robert Cecil Martin

An excellent book will get you the best coding patterns from experts in the field. It is divided into sections so you can select the most relevant at the time. Among other topics: Java, clean code, best practices, and principles, etc.
A lot of articles will be helpful for any object-orientated developer.

best coding books


Head First Java

by Kathy Sierra  & Bert Bates

Truly a Brain-Friendly Guide! An easy-to-read and understand book for those who are serious about learning Java. The book by itself was designed as a workbook, with examples, exercises, and illustrations. It’s a fantastic introduction to Object-Oriented Programming and the fundamentals of Java language concepts.

best java books


Effective Java

by Joshua Bloch

This book will take you “behind the scenes” of Java programming. A lot of good practical advice for programmers. What is more, it explains the “why” behind various things you’ve always heard. Then, Effective Java tells you how to use the Java programming language and its most fundamental libraries for the best effect in the easy-reading form.


best programming books


Thinking in Java

by Matei Busui

When it comes to programming books, Thinking in Java became a classic one on JAVA. It presents a hands-on approach. This book contains all the stuff you need so far. However, we recommend reading this book in English. Specifically, some translations can be tricky.

best programming books


Books for software testers


Foundations of Software Testing

by Dorothy GrahamIsabel Evans

Are you going to take an ISTQB exam? Then, this book is for you. The book is handy for students and beginners. It will help you to clarify and understand the terms better. It is one of the most recommended books by our students.

Books for software testers


The Art of Software Testing

by Glenford J. Myers & Corey Sandler

Another nice-to-have book for your ISTQB exam preparation. It includes testing of mobile apps running on different platforms like iPhone, iPad, and Android. You will also learn about Software testing of internet applications and various websites, especially for e-commerce and agile testing environments.

Books for software testers


Best books about Agile


Scrum: The Art of Doing Twice the Work in Half the Time

by Jeff Sutherland

Scrum is a popular framework for many companies in IT. So sooner or later, you probably will have experience with Scrum at some stage of your career.
Jess Sutterlend – a co-creator of Scrum, will tell you a history of how, when, and why Scrum was born. It’s easy-reading in a novel format.

best dev books, scrum


The Age of Agile: How Smart Companies Are Transforming the Way Work Gets Done

by Stephen Denning

An interesting point of view on the Agile movement. First, the book explains how Agile works. Then, it’s full of examples of companies that moved to Agile. In addition, there are many case studies and interviews with practitioners of the methodology so that you can use it in practice within your company and team.

agile book


Books for everyone in Tech,

but not only


Stop Thinking Like a Freelancer – The Evolution of $1m Web Designer

by Liam Veitch

The title says it all. Do you think about working “on your own” or at some point want to build your company? Or maybe a freelance career? Or perhaps you thought about starting a digital nomad life?
If yes, this book is just for you.

Books for everyone in Tech, but not only


Atomic Habits: An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones

by James Clear

This one is one of our favorite books at SDA. Autonomic Habits has nothing to do with coding or programming books. However, this book has a great chance to change your habits. Four simple laws will help you develop and maintain good habits for your life, fork, and relationship. Beware!! This book can change your life.

Books for everyone in Tech, habits


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