5 Programming Careers Worth Considering

The work of a programmer is incredibly interesting. This is a combination of experience, logic and art combined together in order to create more and more intriguing and complex codes. However, if you become a programmer it doesn’t mean that you have to stay one forever. Continuous technological development gives many opportunities and thus inspiring career paths that can be taken up as soon as you cross this magical border of the IT world.

In the modern era of technology, which surrounds us at every step of the way, there are many opportunities for development and the possibility of finding an interesting alternative to the monotonous work in the office. The IT industry gives you the chance to work remotely which can definitely make your day more enjoyable however we have prepared a list of 5 very interesting career paths to consider. That is why we encourage you to read on to find out more about our suggestions.

Database Administrator

If you have an innate talent for critical thinking and you enjoy detailed analysis and data organisation, the career of a Database Administrator may turn out to be a perfect alternative for you. In this job, you would use your coding skills and IT technical knowledge. A career as a Database Administrator is mainly about planning and monitoring database systems and solving database problems. An extremely interesting element of this work is that it constantly pushes you to develop because you would constantly face problems related to storage of large amounts of information and their security. Analytical thinking is the key to success at this position.

Computer System Analyst

If your passion is troubleshooting and planning why not try your luck as a Computer System Analyst? The role of Computer System Analysts is to combine business and IT initiatives of a company. People who wish to work in such a position are needed in companies in all industries so you can always combine your experience in the field of technology and coding with something completely different. Computer System Analyst assesses computer network systems and proposes updates to meet business needs, which undeniably constitutes a combination of technical skills with business. In this job, you can show initiative by proposing your own solutions to boost system compatibility, to improve information flow and calculate memory as well as speed requirements for the computer system. It is an extremely creative and very technical job.

Business Intelligence Analyst

If you like coding but you are more attracted to business, maybe it is worth to try yourself at a career path related to a Business Intelligence Analyst? The work of the Business Intelligence Analyst consists mainly the analysis and evaluation of the business needs of a particular company or a selected users. Documenting and analysing the collected data, which are then transferred to both the business and development teams, is really the essence of this work. A job as a Business Intelligence Analyst is the easiest to find in sectors such as healthcare, e-commerce and retail as well as logistics. The demand for this type of positions is constantly increasing, so there is also the possibility of a very well paid position. Creating reporting programs, forecasts and queries are the main tools in the work of Business Intelligence Analyst, so if you feel comfortable in this area it is worth a try.

Network Administrator

If your strengths are analysing and critical thinking as well as excellent time management it might be worth considering work as a Network Administrator. The main responsibilities for this position are to maintain a proper computer environment in the networks and prevent accidents by backing up data. It is also important to ensure network security and avoid viruses while ensuring that the codes are error-free and protect both the network and the hardware. Network Administrator is very responsible job, a bit stressful but surely very interesting. It stimulates continuous development and gives satisfaction when you can implement your own creative solutions that improve the operation of the system.

IT Trainer

If you value contact with people and you love to share your knowledge, working at the Academy can meet your expectations for an alternative job. This work can be great fun for you and you will have the opportunity to meet many inspiring and interesting people. While working at the Academy you will have to focus on more technical issues but there is still room for you to demonstrate your coding skills. Each day will be definitely different because working with people you never know what to expect. Besides, the sense of pride that someone learned something interesting from you gave a huge boost of satisfaction. Remeber that Trainer in an Academy like SDA is practicing soft skills and public speaking. All of that as an addition to your daily job as the courses are taking place mostly during the weekends.


Each of the above-described job positions offers an opportunity to do something extremely interesting and inspiring. The entire IT industry, due to its rapid development, creates a huge field to expand knowledge. If you already have some experience in coding and are interested in technology, finding an exciting job does not seem to be a problem. However, it is worthwhile to consider your goals and learn about your advantages and disadvantages before making a decision about your future career. The choice is huge, we have given only five possibilities, but if you are more technical than practical you can write about the industry and work as a Technical Writer or advise as a Technical Consultant. If you are good at practice, you can try working as a UX Designer or Data Scientist. The choice is yours to make and there are new opportunities every step of the way.


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