Highly-specialized workers on demand. Nordea case.

The key to the effective development of your company is the continuous training of your employees. It is important to invest in reliable employees and appreciate their work through courses that will not only help them acquire new skills but also make them look forward to new challenges and the latest novelties in the industry. Stimulating their imagination and creativity can greatly improve your company’s development process.

This series was created to introduce you to some of the training courses we have conducted for the major companies on the market. There is no denying that these courses have been a great success and have benefited not only the employees but also, their employers. Therefore, if you are interested in training potential or current employees of your companies or want to retrain your trusted staff, SDA will help you to find the ideal solutions and training program tailored to your needs.


Nordea is a part of the Nordic banking group operating in Northern Europe which provide services related to finances since 2000. The company has a global team of more than 32,000 employees in over 16 countries with about 700 branches. It is important to underline that the company supports the development of its employees as well as potential ones, values good teamwork and adopts the principle of work-life balance.

Nordea Bank, through its banking services, helps millions of people fulfil their dreams by supporting them financially in their plans.

Since 2017, Nordea Bank has been commissioning SDA to create unique projects under the name of IT na Bank, which focuses on entrusting the selection and training of new employees by SDA. Thanks to several years of work-related to this project, Nordea Bank has gained many valuable and extraordinary employees whose task is to provide comprehensive services in the field of IT solutions for the company. Nordea is developing so rapidly that every year it employs new employees in its branches in Warsaw, Łódź, Gdańsk and Gdynia. Interestingly, it also changes the profile of the persons sought, which allows various candidates to work for this great company.

The project grows

In 2017, the first project of IT na Bank focused on finding employees in the area of Java Software Development and thanks to 360 hours of the course conducted by the SDA, Nordea gained 15 employees who were guaranteed a job in the Java Development Team. The next edition of the project was held in 2018 and another 15 people were employed on the same basis after the same training. In 2018, the third edition of the project IT na Bank focused on the recruitment of IT Operations Specialists and after the course, 15 people were employed with a guarantee of employment in the IT Operations Department. The next two projects editions took place in 2019, the first of which included employment for 12 people as IT Operations Specialist after training and fifth edition focused on finding and training 12 employees in the field of Database Specialists who after 199.5 hours of training joined Teradata/Big Data Development team.

Over the past few years, many companies have focused on the development of their IT departments and Nordea has also joined this elite group. Due to the successive training, Nordea gained trained employees without additional costs, which not only improved the work of the department but also influenced the company’s efficiency.

the project grows

Why is it worthy?

Participation in the Nordea’s project of IT na Bank is not only a beneficial solution for the company itself but also prospective employees, as anyone can apply for a course. Moreover, as part of this IT project, the bank offers 60% co-financing and guarantees employment for 12 months after the course completion. It is a unique opportunity to start an adventure with the technology industry without the stress of searching for a job.

Supporting the development of new employees creates a sense of belonging and peace of mind that they perfectly know what their work is going to be like, which definitely improves their performance and satisfaction with the duties they fulfil.

Therefore, if you are considering activities aimed at educating new or already working employees in your company, remember about those few basic benefits, thanks to which you can really profit a lot:

  1. Reskilling your employees is efficient and saves money on recruitment processes
  2. Upskilling/reskilling is an alternative to layoffs – create a professional IT team with the people you already have who knows the company and the industry
  3. Training courses make your employees feel valued and bonded with your company because they know that you focus on their development and appreciate their work and dedication
  4. Training increases the worth of your employees because thanks to it they become experts in specific fields, which impacts their effectiveness and perception of the problems. Thanks to continuous courses your employees will more often go beyond the schematic thinking patterns
  5. Training has a positive impact on the development of your company and its ability to adapt to the constantly changing market requirements

It is also worth noting another research conducted by spicework.com, which clearly shows that 84% of respondents consider that the IT industry needs and very high values employee training, which has a positive impact not only on morale at work but also on the development of the industry itself.

Therefore, if you are interested in our courses offer for the B2B sector, contact us and we will try to create a training plan ideally tailored to your needs and expectations.