How To Get a Job in a High Profile Corporation?

Does getting up to work every morning give you an unpleasant feeling of resignation and exhaustion? Is every Sunday evening filled with the stress of returning to work on Mondays? Do you feel financially neglected in your current job? Or do you feel as if you are not progressing?

If you answered yes to at least one of the above questions, this post is designed especially for you.

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It is not easy to find an excellent job in a renowned corporation, however, if you are an IT specialist or a trainee in this field, finding a job no longer seems to be that difficult. There is a lot of work in the IT sector, and the benefits of working for international corporations are hard to count. Therefore, maybe it is worth to change something, start doing something exciting and stimulating and at the same time take advantage of the long list of benefits that go with it. For many people working in IT is associated with something very complicated for which it is necessary to have some supernatural powers but the devil is not as black as it is painted. Moreover, we want to prove that to find an excellent job in the IT sector, you only need to be involved and well prepared.

So, how to start?

Since IT services have been flourishing in recent years, many terms related to working in IT has been created. Beginners can feel overwhelmed by the possibilities and multitude of different positions. However, there is nothing to be afraid of, all this is extremely fascinating.

It is worth knowing that a programmer deals with different things than a software tester. An IT network administrator is not the same as a system designer. IT manager’s and IT project manager’s positions, despite a similar name, differ in the scope of duties performed. Working in IT is a vast topic, but it is also highly desired by employers of large international corporations.

This time, we will focus more on achieving the dream job in a high profile corporation than on explaining the duties of individual positions in the IT industry.

Key elements!

Essential elements that will definitely add value are your skills, so it is worth not resting on your laurels and continuously improving your work experience. It is also advisable to develop your skills by taking part in numerous conferences, courses and training. One of the best places where you can prove your skills is GitHub. GitHub is a service platform that provides the ability to create remote GIT repositories, and you can quickly become a part of some exciting project which will not only improve your skills, but can also serve as a tool in the search for your dream job. When mentioning the work experience, it is crucial to underline the knowledge of algorithms, data structures, complexity analysis and software design. Those skills are required in most of the best corporations for example in Google.

Many renowned corporations also require at least a bachelor’s degree. Therefore, when you collect basic skills, you should pay attention to the self-presentation. How you present yourself in your résumé may influence the decision of the HR department whether they will invite you for an interview or not. It is worth using modern layouts in your résumé or creating something unique what makes you stand out from the crowd. It may be, for example, an interactive résumé (see: Rleonardi and Icons8) or a program or an app which you write, and the form does not matter; it is essential to be remembered. When you are invited to an interview for your dream position, remember to be yourself, value yourself but do not overestimate.

Another important element of the work in the IT sector is language. And it is not only about a programming language, which is undoubtedly extremely important, or the English language, which is one of the integral elements of work in international corporations, however also the knowledge of some other languages are a huge advantage. In terms of programming language the experience is one or more of the following C, C++, Java, Python, HTML Go, Perl or Ruby is crucial. You can learn about these programs by taking part in courses, reading professional publications or by studying it yourself. The work of a programmer is an extraordinary and continuous development.

It is also worth to develop some creativity, self-organisation and communication skills, as these features are very much in demand by international corporations. The work of a programmer as well as in the whole IT sector is in a sense an artistic work. You must have a portfolio to present your skills to the potential employer. You can post your portfolio on GitHub, so that everyone can see how great your work is.

Remember that the IT industry is often described as an employee market, not an employer. This means that it is the employees who can dictate the terms. Therefore, if you are looking for a reliable, attractive job, the IT sector can offer you this, and even more. The essential element is how much you give from yourself and how much you will be involved in it, because your commitment and willingness can make a lot of good here.

Where to look for a job?

Sometimes it may happen that you know precisely for which company you would like to work, in this case you should deeply get to know the particular company and adjust to its requirements. If you do not know exactly where you would like to work, but you know that it would be a great idea to work for a large international corporation, it is worth browsing their official websites, LinkedIn or standard job websites such as:

In search of an ideal employer it is worth checking which companies would suit you best, therefore it is worth to make a target list of companies. Remember that internet makes it easy to get detailed information about potential employers. Reach them through social media. Be visible and active. Or use the recruiters to help you find the best job position.

Offers for the IT sector are everywhere, so it is worth to search for something that suits you not only in terms of skills and remuneration but also in terms of benefits such as sports cards, medical care, flexible working hours, remote work, relax rooms, game rooms and many others.

The programmer’s work is not a treadmill, it can also be extremely flexible. Most of the programmer’s work is solving problems and all you need is a computer. That means you can do it from anywhere, anytime. There are more and more remote programmers who work from home or travel around the world. Doesn’t it sound fantastic?

Keep in mind that it’s never too late for changes and every day you can transform your life for the better. That’s why it’s not worth to whine but to act. The possibilities for action are enormous! So if your current job does not meet your expectations, it is worth to start looking for an exciting job in the IT sector, that requires constant development and superbly salary. Being a programmer is not so complicated, but it gives a vast amount of pleasure and fulfilment, so do not hesitate and check where you can take your first steps. Believe us it’s worth it!