Turn the Rejection into something positive while Searching for a Job! Here are some tips.

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The word “rejection” is not perceived very well, however, if you look at it from a different perspective, it may be a great motivation for your development.

Believe me when I say that I hate the job search process. Nobody likes that. Because looking for a job is a bit like exhibiting yourself in a showcase so that everyone can look at you and judge you. When someone is judging you, you feel insecurity, embarrassment and fear of rejection. And there’s no denying that rejection is an integral part of job search. You’d have to be a world champion to get every recruiter to answer your resume. And this situation rarely happens, at least in my case.

Get ready!

A slap in the face is always unpleasant, so it is worth to prepare for it. You can complain that no one wants to give you a chance or even look at your resume, call you back or invite you to an interview. But I guess it’s worse if they invite you and you’re already on fire and nothing will come of it and you’ll feel like an idiot.

The recruitment means searching for offers, perfecting the resume and cover letter, constantly sending your documents and waiting, waiting for the phone to ring and then dressing up, trying to appear as eloquently as possible and as often as it happens to get a negative response. Accept it! You can’t change the world and that’s how it works. You should learn something from every of these experience and continue to try to be better. Focus on your advantages, emphasize them on your resume, check out other cover letters or resumes on the Internet and get inspired. Maybe you don’t include in your documents what recruiters are looking for, maybe your message is too weak? Step by step, track and analyze your resume and see what you can improve. On the other hand, what’s the worst that can happen? Someone else will get your dream position and you will continue to search for your new job as a Web Developer. Is that all?

The competition was, is and will be, period!

Ah, this bloody competition! Somebody was better again! I’m out of luck! What’s wrong with me?  No one will do everything for you and no one will hand the dream job to you on a silver platter. You have to fight for yourself and competition should only motivate you, not discourage you. If you want to be really good at something, then make an effort! Give more than you think you can give. Prove yourself that you can. Instead of despairing, develop, learn, take an active part in creating your life and everything that surrounds you. There will always be someone better than you, they will also be someone worse, so there is no point in wasting your time feeling sorry for yourself, you have to fight and try to be better and better in what you do. If every now and then someone turns out to be better, maybe it’s worth joining a team that creates some cool projects on GitHub and prove yourself in comparison to others, or meet people who will help you outrun the competition and get your dream position. The only thing that limits you is your fear. The competition on the market is huge, there are many people who just like you dream of getting into the best company and working as a Web Developer, but to win this race you just have to be different. Maybe share your passions with others, write about it in a resume or create your own unique code and don’t let the competition get in the way. Be original, be yourself.

It’s not about you, the world is a cruel place..

The easiest thing is to blame everyone but yourself or to blame yourself for all the evil in the world. However, do not forget that the person who recruits you does not know you personally, does not know what kind of person you are, and the selective information provided by you on the resume is not always easy to find and clear for the recruiter. Therefore, try to approach the job search with the right perspective. You’ll get nothing by fighting the system.

Place yourself in the position of the other side, see that it is not easy to choose someone who will perfectly fit into the company profile. Look at this from the recruiter’s point of view, his/her job is not easy. And don’t forget that we are all people and maybe you do not fit the profile of this company, while another will be delighted with you. Don’t lose faith in yourself. You are the best version of yourself and keep it that way.

SDA_job interview rejection

Learn from it.

What are the most unforgettable situations that you have ever experienced? I always remember the ones that turn out to be the most stressful, I learn the most from them. Unfortunately, I am not one of these people who can learn from someone’s mistakes. Sadly, I always have to make a mistake to get the lesson out of it. And during the recruitment process, mistakes can be made in many ways. What counts is whether you let these mistakes get to you and knock you down or whether they become your stimulus to take some actions.

There is something else that we often forget during the recruitment process, namely, why do we do all these things for? Of course, finding a better, well-paid job is a good reason. However, what about the possibility of development? What about the chance to meet new remarkable and inspiring people? What about changing your lifestyle? All of this counts, and it is not worth losing sight of it, and it is not worth focusing only on the offered money. The main aim of the perfect job is to provide pleasure and if we apply for any position only to earn more money, what satisfaction will it give us?

Nobody said it was easy and enjoyable to search for a job. At every step, we meet our demons that reveal our weaknesses and deficiencies, but it is only up to you whether you let them get you down or you will continue to fight for yourself, making sure that you have a good approach to all this. There is room for each of us on the market, so don’t give up, just slowly and progressively pursue your goal and on your way to the top learn, develop and be happy.