Want to become a better Developer? Here are some Tips

We have prepared some suggestions and information for you on how to improve yourself, but remember that everything is up to you and you must be the one who wants it! First of all, we would like you to focus on five very important steps to your development which are:

  1. progressing by gaining the knowledge
  2. progressing by making mistakes
  3. progressing by constant changes in your way of working and coding
  4. progressing by learning from others
  5. progressing by practising

These points present the most essential elements which can lead you to excel in the area of your interest. So, below we have explained these five steps so read them and adjust them into your daily routines and we’re sure that it will pay off soon.


Read a lot and write tons of codes!

 It is worth remembering that good intentions are not enough to become a good developer, there is a great demand for continuous development. You should associate this development with constant expanding your knowledge, constant searching for new information, constant reading. And there is a lot to choose from when it comes to reading. From books to blogs, articles, official documentation, research papers through code postmortems and source code, everything related to coding allows you to evolve.

Boost your curiosity! When reading a new code or information about a system you don’t understand it’s worth searching, exploring, reading and learning new things. While reading other developers’ codes, try to split them into small parts and make seans of it. Consider why the code is written in this particular way and not in any other way, try to come up with alternative solutions and think of its improvement. This will really help you to stimulate your creativity and at the same time will teach you a lot.


Make mistakes. A lot of mistakes!

Would you learn to do something superb if you didn’t make any mistakes? We don’t think so! We believe that you have to make mistakes every day to be able to develop and perceive the well-known problems from various perspectives. Mistakes are an integral part of the process of acquiring skills and shaping one’s own experiences. You cannot say you are practising if you do not make any mistakes, so make them and when they do not appear, practice as long as they do.

So, when you try a new task and solve it easily, you probably won’t learn anything new from it. It’s more like reciting a previously acquired skill. Once you come across a problem that you can quickly fix, find a new way to deal with it. But don’t worry, if it’s not the best way, just keep improving your skills by adding some bright new ideas.


Revise your codes, over and over again!

You wrote a terrific (in your opinion) code and what next? Enjoying and resting on your laurels? It’s a quick way to a failure! That’s why you should carefully review what you are creating and always look for different, innovative solutions, completely new approach to a certain issue or throw everything away and start all over! Consider all the options that come to your mind.

You have to remember that the real creative work starts when the code already works. You can always improve it and that’s the beauty of programming, the fact that you can do anything you can think of! There are no impossibility and limitations but only things that require more work, commitment or a genius idea.


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Keep your eyes on the others!

Go play the hacker and break someone’s code! This will help you to approach your codes in a completely different way. It is worth learning from others, following their successes and failures. An ideal opportunity to get to know the work of other developers is also to keep a closer look at their open-source projects. Discover the work of others and draw inspiration from it.

It is impossible to forget mentioning about the help that can be obtained from experienced developers. It’s worth asking, being curious and absorbing knowledge. Many people participate in international forums or work at your company and just can help you or provide you with some new ideas, so take advantage of these opportunities by learning and improving your skills every day.


Practice, practice and practice once again!

As far as the practice is concerned, besides reading, writing codes, learning from others and making mistakes, it is also worthwhile to be systematic and make every effort to perform the specific tasks regularly. If you find an hour or two every day to expand your knowledge and improve your skills within a few months or years, it will definitely pay off.

Focus on particular tasks of your choice and try to work on them every day, regularly. It can be an hour to thoroughly read the difficult code or to learn the tricks of the chosen programming language, the choice is yours. The only thing that counts is systematicity and persistence because only then you can count on spectacular successes.


Take the first step

However, if it is just a being for you and you would like to become a part of this extraordinary and inspiring world of IT, it would be worth to take the first steps in a place which will fully prepare you for this journey. Software Development Academy is here to teach, support and create you as a developer. It is worth to trust the team which consists of people who are specialists in their fields and who are willing to share their knowledge, providing you with the opportunity to smoothly and pleasantly enter the world that attracts and intrigues you. SDA has several highly perfected training programs to help you become a better developer. So, you can easily find what suits you best. We all know that the beginning is very difficult, but with a good mentor and teacher at your side, you can develop very quickly and achieve wonderful results.

Besides, the foundations are necessary for effective development, on which you should base your knowledge. When the basics are solid, it is easy to put more layers of education and experience on them. Thanks to SDA, you will easily gain the necessary skills and expertise which will definitely help you in your future career.

Moreover, during the course, you can get to know a lot of interesting people from whom you can learn a lot and be inspired by them. Learning in a group of committed and passionate people encourages you to engage and positively supports your development.

You must build your own unique way of developing your continuous progress based on the guidelines and advice we have given you. By standing in one place you will not achieve much in the IT industry, which is known for the fact that there is always something going on here and progress is inevitable. Technology is rushing at an incredible pace and it is important to at least try to keep up with it so that you don’t stay behind. This drive powers up, adds wings and additionally makes you want to achieve more and become even better developer than you are right now.

So, don’t put your dreams on hold. Improve your life and skills today!