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Java is the choice of 80% of IT companies – this means that by choosing this specialization, your chances for a significant job increase, and you will not worry about stable employment.

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JAVA is a safe choice

According to a report regularly prepared by TIOBE, the JAVA programming language is currently the third most popular solution for programmers in the world. This is because its applications are extensive – from banking through mobile applications to everyday devices such as refrigerators. That means that most probably everyone has come across solutions written in this language. Moreover, thanks to its stability, periodically released updates, and many libraries and extensions, this language is an excellent first step into the programming world.

As a result, Java is the backbone of the Internet revolution, and at the same time, is one of the most profitable and most desirable languages on the job market.

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according to the Just Join IT report, a beginner Java developer earns 1600 EUR?

JAVA has been used in YouTube, Gmail, Twitter and also in Minecraft?

thanks to the widely developed support of the community, JAVA is a safe first step to IT?

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