How to get a Job in a Startup?

If you have bigger amibtions than work in a corporation and doing everyday the same from 9 to 5, this text is for you. Today we will raise the subject of working in startup. Is it a good idea? What can you expect? And most important – how the programming courses may be useful in such work?

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How the Developer Seniority Levels looks like?

SDA_seniority levels

When entering an unknown world it is worth to get to know its rules, therefore today we will look closer at the issue of the developer seniority levels. The standard version divides into three categories: junior, middle and senior developer, but it is also worth adding a few words about the trainee.

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Turn the Rejection into something positive while Searching for a Job! Here are some tips.

SDA_job interview rejection2

You would have to be a world champion to get every recruiter to answer your resume. Get yourself ready for the real world out there.

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