SDA and BCR partnership – a step forward to close the global skills gap

They say, think globally, act locally. The fast development of technology creates enormous business opportunities. But, at the same time, it forms a skills gap that could cost trillions of USD on a global scale.  

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Bitcoin, Dogecoin, cryptocurrency market, and Elon Musk

In the last few weeks, news on cryptocurrencies is everywhere: from the CNN Newsroom to the talks at baby shower parties. If you keep an eye on the tech and crypto worlds, you probably heard the reports of the last few months. However, there is one tendency that can’t be left unrecognizable. Elon Musk! He tweets something or shows up on TV, and the market goes wild.

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JUNE – IT events

We all were waiting for this summer too long. Nevertheless, keep your mind and knowledge in shape. No excuses for you this vacation! Even while sipping a drink on the beach or countryside, you can visit online events.

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