5 types of tools development teams use today

The process of building software has changed a lot during the last decade. In the past, development teams performed under managers who imposed structure plans with inflexible schedules and fixed roles. They pushed developers into tight boxes, while all they ever wanted was a chance to unleash their creativity and improvising new ways of collaborating. The rise of agile methodologies of software development, such as the Scrum framework inspired the emergence of many different tools that allow building software iteratively. Approaches like DevOps and Continuous Integration/Continuous deployment also powered the creation of many tools. These best practices and tools have become staples in the industry and standards.

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React vs. Angular vs. Vue – which JavaScript framework should you learn next?

Frameworks are becoming increasingly popular in web development because they allow individual developers and businesses to build complex applications faster than ever. The technologies behind the most common JavaScript frameworks have in recent years revolutionized the world of web development. When it comes to frontend development, most of the time, it’s all down to the choice of between React, Angular, and Vue.

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7 apps you can build with JavaScript

There’s no denying that JavaScript is one of the most popular technologies in the tech industry today. While companies have traditionally used it for frontend development, new tools and frameworks such as Node.js allowed expanding JavaScript to the backend as well. 

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